With Christmas a few weeks away, we invite you to Give the Gift that Gives. 

$25 will provide rice to a girl and her family for a month, meaning she doesn’t need to work to support her family, and can focus on her studies. Rice is often the difference needed to prevent a girl from dropping out.

$50 will buy a new bike for a girl living far from her school. A bike will mean she doesn’t have to travel in the dark to get to or from school, reducing her risk of kidnapping or abuse. It also means her parents will let her continue school once she reaches puberty, because they can be more confident in her safety.

$420 provides a full scholarship for a girl for a whole year, keeping her in school, safe and supported.


  1. To purchase a Christmas card, please make a donation of the correct amount through this link
  2. Email with your receipt and which cards you would like to purchase
  3. Let us know if you want an e-card, a printable card by email or a posted card (posted cards must be requested by 15th December)
  4. If you are requesting a posted card please include your Australian postal address


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Recurring or one off tax deductible donations can be made with a credit card via the links above, or by making recurring or one off bank transfers to Lotus Outreach Australia’s account at St George Bank BSB 112 879 Account 469773369. Cheques can be sent to the Treasurer at PO Box 3379, Tamarama, NSW 2026.

Your Support Makes All the Difference

A small sum of money goes a long way in Cambodia, where over a third of the population lives on less than $1 per day. Here are some examples of what your generosity can do to keep a girl in school, and change life for her, her family and her community:

(Examples in AUD)

  • $20 = clean drinking and cooking water
  • $25 = rice for one girl’s family for one month
  • $30 = one girl’s school books, stationery and school bag for the year
  • $35 = one girl’s education and school supplies for a month
  • $40 = 2 sets of school uniforms, shoes and a raincoat
  • $50 = a bicycle to safely travel long distances to school
  • $100 = medical coverage to 20 girls for a year
  • $150 = rice to feed a girl’s family for 6 months – so she won’t be sent to work
  • $420 = supports a girl’s education for one academic year
  • $2,100 = the education of one girl for all of secondary school

Online Shopping

If you buy clothes or books or book holidays (and many other things) online, you can help us raise donations from generous retailers by joining Shopnate.
Just go to this link, and join up. Then any online shopping you do with any of the 700+ listed retailers will bring great benefit to Lotus Outreach girls at no cost to you. Many of our board members and followers have signed up, and its really working!


Thank you for your support!