Lotus Outreach Australia believes we can help to relieve global poverty – we can do it Girl by Girl!
Educating girls in very poor countries is the one proven method of lifting a community out of poverty.
Lotus Outreach Australia finds girls living in dire poverty, often from families where not a single family member has ever received an education. The scholarships we offer change the girls’ lives, and also those of their family and eventually the community. The alternative for many of them is slave labour or the sex trade.

A letter from our founder, Khyentse Norbu on the 25th Anniversary of Lotus Outreach International, written June 2018
1993 saw the nascent beginnings of a charity that would become the highly effective international organisation that is Lotus Outreach. It is more than 20 years since Lotus Outreach Australia began, with the advent of new programs in Cambodia to prevent trafficking and child labour. The founder, Khyentse Norbu, has written a letter marking this anniversary, which you can read here.

RInpoche in CambodiaHe eloquently describes all the reasons we so firmly believe that educating girls from very poor families is the most effective way to help relieve poverty and suffering.
“The education, counselling and rehabilitation Lotus Outreach provides across Cambodia, transforms the lives of young girls and women who otherwise face lives in brothels, beer gardens, massage parlours, or working their entire lives in the fields. These bright young women return to their communities with a passion to improve them. Because 90% of these young women’s earnings go towards their families and communities, Lotus Outreach’s investment in their education, health, and wellbeing nourishes sustainable wellbeing in their communities. When you educate girls, communities thrive”.

Please watch this short video to see some of what Lotus Outreach Australia is doing.

Thank You!

May we extend grateful thanks to our many generous donors and volunteers who have been supporting our programs in Cambodia. The ongoing donations made by our regular supporters  plus corporate sponsorships, donations of time and services and contribution to fund raising events, continues to make our work with girls who are vulnerable to exploitation and slavery, sustainable, effective and definitely life changing.