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The Management Committee


Jane Lyttleton


Jane Lyttleton is an author, teacher and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) specialising in womens health. She trained in genetics and biochemistry at the University of London, and studied TCM in Australia and China. She lectures at universities in Sydney and internationally. Jane has long been dedicated to the education and health of women and children. She helped establish Lotus Outreach Australia in 2004 after she and a group of Lotus Outreach members travelled to Thailand and Cambodia meeting local groups working to combat sex trafficking.


Anna Harper


Anna Harper leads her consulting firm, Cultural Shapeshifters, working with Australian and International Businesses and Organisations, and with the UN. She specialises in developing global leaders for the future.  She has a B.Fine Arts, M.Arts in Chaos, Complexity and Creativity, and M.Applied Science. Her mission is to contribute to making the world more equal, fairer and sustainable. She is committed to helping at-risk Cambodian girls gain safe, fulfilled and independent lives. Anna was Treasurer for Lotus Outreach Australia from 2004- 2012, and sits on the board of Lotus Outreach International.


Kelly Tracey

Secretary and Child Protection Officer

Kelly completed a BA in Dramatic Arts at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne. She worked as an actor for the next 12 years in film, television and theatre. A founding member of Ranters Theatre Company, Kelly became Secretary of the Board, managed large-scale fundraising events, designed marketing material and toured as an actor with the company both nationally and internationally. Kelly has travelled extensively throughout Europe and Asia and has witnessed the disparity in many underprivileged communities. Her strong desire to put compassion into action, particularly where young children are at risk, is now being realised through her involvement in Lotus Outreach Australia. Kelly is currently completing a Master of Teaching at University of New England.


Shona Barker

Treasurer and Risk Assessment Officer

Originally from New Zealand, Shona trained as a journalist at Wellington Polytechnic and worked in newspapers there for four years. Shona then began her training in complementary therapies in 1987. She was practice manager of a large multi-disciplinary Holistic Medical Centre from 1987 to 1994. Shona began training in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has worked in that field since 1994. Having witnessed firsthand the devastating effect the lack of education has had on Asian girls being trafficked to Australia, Shona is a strong believer in education as the key to a better life for vulnerable young women.


Dolma Gunther

Fundraising Director and Governance Officer

Dolma Gunther has worked as a lawyer for two small law firms in Sydney and is now working as a Senior Legal Editor for Thomson Reuters. She has a Law degree from Sydney University and an Arts degree in Anthropology from Melbourne University and her main area of interest is human rights law and international law. She has lived in Europe for eight years and India for over a year where she recently made a short film. She is currently working on a documentary featuring Tibetan refugees living in the Himalayas. She is passionate about human rights issues in global development and is especially interested in helping disadvantaged children in developing countries.

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Kate Edwards

Communications Director and Donor Manager

Kate joins us with over 15 years of Category Management & Marketing experience in the FMCG Retail sector. However, it was while studying her Yoga Teacher Training in 2015, that Kate became aware of Lotus Outreach Australia and their role in providing vulnerable girls access to education in Cambodia. Kate now aims to combine her marketing ability with her passion for the empowerment of women through education, to raise awareness for Lotus Outreach Australia and their programs.


Jill Morrison

Chair of LOA Public Relief Fund

Jill Morrison is a project manager for major developments, with a background in architecture and design. Her significant projects include the Sydney Olympic Games, front of house design and fitout of two 5 star hotels in SE Asia, large rail infrastructure developments in Sydney and 12 years expatriate work in London, Middle East and SE Asia. Which engendered deep appreciation of Asian cultures and the plight of disadvantaged and oppressed girls. Jill’s academic achievements span technical, humanities and business areas with a Master of Arts Leisure sociology (UTS), Diploma of the Company Director’s Course (ICDA), Graduate Diploma Event Management (UTS), High Diploma Interior & architectural Design (London).


Jennifer Mellet

Western Australia Representative

Jennifer is a graduate of University of Western Australia and a screenwriter, actor and broadcaster. A regular writer for television drama, she also taught Spoken English, English as a Second Language, Drama and Video to children in Australia, UK and Middle East. Jennifer previously worked pro bono with the Eastern Kuku Yalanji Traditional Custodians in Far North Queensland, on their Cultural Heritage Mapping & Recording Project. She has filmed Lotus Outreach Australia’s projects in Cambodia, and leads the very committed volunteer fundraising team.

Sue Ann for web site

Sue-Ann Muller

Social Media Manager

Sue Ann has worked in the community sector in Sydney developing and delivering recreation programs for families and children. Most recently she worked at the Australian National Maritime Museum and UNICEF Australia. Sue Ann has a degree in Leisure Studies and has recently studied journalism. She spent a year living in Hyderabad, India and Moshi, Tanzania which inspired her to use her communication and programming skills to help children in developing countries survive and thrive.


Alastair Donnelley

Technical Consultant and Media Specialist

Alastair is a mechanical engineer, programmer, and award-winning film-maker. His background in both the arts and sciences expresses itself in a passion for deploying intelligent technology to help people communicate better, and to solve business and societal problems. Alastair contributes to Lotus Outreach Australia’s photographic and video content, and helps manage its digital presence.


Janis Hall

Vocational Programmes

Janis moved from corporate IT&T into support and advocacy for homeless, socially marginalised people at Sydney’s Wayside Chapel. She spent 4 years as Community/Youth Development Officer at Lockyer Valley Regional Council SE Qld, focussing on culturally appropriate youth engagement initiatives. She received Outstanding Dedication Awards for her work during the 2010/11 and 2013 devastating floods. With a BA in French and politics from UWA, Janis spent 17 years working in Paris and now interprets pro bono for police and refugees in Qld. Janis was Senior Project Manager at Disneyland Paris, and Manager Strategic IT at Voyages Resorts & Hotels in Sydney. Janis travels to Cambodia to meet with the Lotus Outreach Australia graduates as often as she can.


Phallin Berry

Youth Ambassador

Phallin was adopted from Cambodia when she was a baby, and now lives in Brisbane where she is in high school. She advocates strongly for the rights of young girls to have an education and the rights of young people to stay with their family and to choose their future. She is supporting Lotus Outreach’s efforts to ensure that vulnerable girls in Cambodia have access to education and a chance to shape their future. Any free time she has she loves to spend with her kittens.

Bella Deary for website

Bella Deary

Youth Ambassador

Bella Deary is a student in Brisbane, interested in creative industries such as visual art. She has had a passion for helping people from a young age and aspires to create positive change in the world, by finding ways to achieve peace and equality for people all over the world. She is especially passionate about seeing a world of gender equality, including seeing girls in Cambodia avoid not receiving an education. Bella has been a youth ambassador with Lotus Outreach since 2016, and is working on changing the lives of Cambodian girls through inspiring those in her school community.

In Country Sub-committee


Charlie Cristi

Liaison Officer, Cambodia

Charlie has lived in Phnom Penh for many years, after spending 2010 as an Australian Youth Ambassador for Development, an AusAID initiative, during which time she helped set up the English Language Program for Lotus Outreach Australia. She subsequently worked closely with LO Australia and LO Cambodia as a volunteer, at the same time as working as a teacher of Art and Design at one of the British International Schools. She has gotten to know many of the GATE girls and their families and has been an important mentor for them.

Currently she is working with the Ministry of Education in Bhutan,  developing programs for children with special educational needs. She plans to return to Cambodia when this work is completed.



Raksmey Var

In Country Representative, Cambodia

Raksmey first volunteered as a teacher and mentor for a youth group providing social services to poor children, where she taught kids about children’s rights. While also working as an English teacher at a private school, Raksmey decided she wanted to do more to help children. Raksmey completed her Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting in 2004 at the National University of Management in Cambodia. In 2007, she received her Master’s in Gender and Development Studies from the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand. Raksmey’s particular areas of focus include children’s education, child and youth mobility and employment, livelihood development, child labor, human trafficking and sexual exploitation.