Our Corporate Sponsors

Lotus Outreach Australia is extremely grateful to our generous corporate sponsors whose support makes a huge difference to the way we can directly provide help to girls at risk in Cambodia.
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The Macquarie Group Foundation assists community organisations around the world in a range of ways including, for example, matching Macquarie Group staff fundraising and donations through its staff support policy. In the last few years, we have been very grateful to have received such help from the Macquarie Group Foundation, with its contributions supporting our GATE programme for getting girls into schools.
In recent years, the annual City to Surf races in Sydney, has included Macquarie Group staff members who have carried the Lotus Outreach banner and, in addition to completing the challenging course, they also raised funds for Lotus which were matched by the Macquarie Group Foundation. This contribution covers full academic year scholarships for many girls from the rural outskirts of Phnom Penh, including uniforms, bicycles and books for each girl!
Lotus Outreach is indebted to these runners, their supporters, and Macquarie Group Foundation for helping to make a significant impact on alleviating poverty in one of our most needy neighbours.
ASX_TR_Charity_Race_DayIn 2016 Lotus Outreach Australia was chosen by the prestigious ASX Thomson Reuters Foundation to be a beneficiary of their yearly fundraising program. ASX TR raises funds in order to help its chosen charities, through many of its activities like regatta, golf and racing events, and an art union raffle. As a result of taking part in the ASX TR Art Union fundraising campaign, we received a grant of $25,000 in May 2017 for which Lotus Outreach Australia is most grateful.
In August 2017, ASX Thomson Reuters Foundation hosted a hugely successful day at the races, attended by the many charities they support including Lotus Outreach. The funds raised that day, and the generous ongoing support we receive from ASX Thomson Reuters, make a significant contribution to the success of the GATE programme in Phnom Penh.