Stories from Cambodia


Srey Phen – age 15

My parents have no education so they are very proud that I go to school. Since I received the LOA scholarship I always get good grades. I want to go to university to become a doctor because many Cambodians are sick and I want to cure them. I have a bicycle from LOA to get […]


Putherika – age 23

  Thanks to the scholarship from LOA I finished my IT course at the end of 2015 and am working at USAid on the Development Innovations initiative that aims to improve life for Cambodians through technology. I have been mostly working with partners and clients of USAid to help them with web development. I found […]


A Victim’s Story

A number of our sponsored girls have come to us through Cambodian Women’s Crisis Centre as victims of domestic or sexual violence. In order to respect their privacy and to keep them safe, the girls remain anonymous. Here is one story: “When I was seven my mum had to leave me at home every day while […]


Roth – Age 21

We are a poor family from a poor community so when I was young I only went to school when there was money to pay fees. I had no school materials and no bicycle and school was very far. In grade 7 the principal said I was a good student and told me that LOA […]


Srey Theary – age 14

My family came from Kampong Cham province to Phnom Penh to find work and for the children to have an education. In the provinces children cannot study because the are not well paid and they need to find another job to increase their income. (Her father died in an accident. Her mother earns USD130 per […]


Srey Nean – age 15

I could not study if I was not in the GATE program. I would not have materials, books, uniforms or money to pay for school. I would never go to university and I would not get a good job to support my family. When I finish school I will go to university to study to […]