Putherika – age 23


Thanks to the scholarship from LOA I finished my IT course at the end of 2015 and am working at USAid on the Development Innovations initiative that aims to improve life for Cambodians through technology.

I have been mostly working with partners and clients of USAid to help them with web development. I found that I was good at solving problems and that made me so happy about my education.

It was good to earn some money too and I have been able to help support my family but I have kept some money for further studies and they understand. I will soon find another job and do more IT studies plus English and French in the evenings.

Now I can rent an apartment in the city with my sister. I never could have done any of the things I have done without LOA and the donors who support the poor girls of Cambodia and I am very grateful. I still have my bicycle from LOA and I still use it. Look, I even have a business card holder and a business card of my own.

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