Srey Phen – age 15

My parents have no education so they are very proud that I go to school. Since I received the LOA scholarship I always get good grades. I want to go to university to become a doctor because many Cambodians are sick and I want to cure them.

I have a bicycle from LOA to get to school but sometimes I let my mother use it because her work is very far. We are very poor, really very poor, and with the scholarship we receive rice and we are very happy for that.

I tell the girls in the village about education and to take care when they walk anywhere because it is not always safe for girls. We have a big concern in the community about sex trafficking and illegal migration because the people are abused and exploited. Strangers come to the village to convince people to go abroad to work, even very young girls. I have seen this.

I want a better community than this because there are many drug users and no hygiene.

Thank you very much LOA for supporting me and providing learning materials for me and I hope the donors will help me until I finish school and also help more poor girls.



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