Kim – age 16


Kim is the oldest of 8 siblings, all living with their mum. Her dad is a day labourer, taking work where available and is currently clearing grass from farming land, so living away from the family.

5X1A2415Around 10 years ago, the family was living in a small hut on some land in a village. They were acting as the guard because the owner lived away in the city. They built their own house and lived rent-free. One morning, mum was out working on the land when her daughters decided to make kites from plastic bags. In the hope that they would fly well, they made an incense offering in the family’s ancestor house (a little prayer house that most families have in front of their homes). While they were flying the kites, the incense fell and their home burnt down – they lost everything. At this point they decided to move closer to the city to try to rebuild their lives, however urban life was difficult, work was hard to find and the family found themselves sinking further into poverty.

Now, because of the fire, mum has had a lot of trouble getting birth certificates and identification cards for her younger children, as she no longer has her own documentation. She is particularly worried about her little 5 year old who is due to start school next year. The costs involved in travelling to the office and filing for documentation are significant enough that the family doesn’t think they can do it.

Luckily for Kim’s family, CWCC will be able to support them through this process. This is one small example of how the LOA scholarship can inadvertently help other children in a girl’s family to receive an education.

IMG_6110Kim hopes to either join the police or become an engineer when she finishes school. Since she never comes below fifth in her class, we have high hopes for her achieve her dream.

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