Anna Harper

Anna also serves as Risk Managment Officer

Anna Harper is the founder of The Tall Journey, guiding individuals, groups and organisations to fully embody their ‘story’. Based in NZ, she works within the Asia Pacific region. Anna is a certified Narrative Coach, experienced executive coach, facilitator, mentor. She is now exploring new pathways, integrating different ‘modalities’ that enable individuals to live their own unique story as a leader in all aspects of their life.  Having worked for 35 plus years with leaders of International Businesses and Organisations, such as the UN, the leaders who were most effective were the ones who knew their truth. She has a B.Fine Arts, M.Arts in Chaos, Complexity and Creativity, and M.Applied Science and additionally is a certified Yoga teacher, student of QiGong, and writing a book. Her mission is to explore new possibilities. She is committed to helping at-risk Cambodian girls gain safe, fulfilled and independent lives. Anna was Treasurer for Lotus Outreach Australia from 2004- 2012, and President from 2012 to 2014. She sits on the board of Lotus Outreach International. She also sits on two boards focused on Health and Wellbeing.